Allow me to introduce myself..... my Name is Allura.
From this point forward you will know the woman you are going to worship.

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Mesmerize. I love that word. I believe I was born to do exactly that.

For as long as I can remember, I've been told that I've had a special quality. I draw people to me with the way I look at someone, my smile, the way I move. "I just can't take my eyes off her. She's enchanting", I once heard a family friend say to my mother.

In my teens, when the boys started to fall under my then unintentional spell, I learned its power and how to use it to my full advantage. I enjoyed the feeling I got when those hormone-ravaged males seemed to melt at my mear gaze. Even grown men would become a little tongue-tied in my presence.

Unlike the norm, my first sexual experience was by my initiation and totally under my control. I did not "lose my virginity". I spun my web and drew him in, for my pleasure. It was instantly a major part of who I was to be...a very sexual creature, with men eager to worship me.

Since then, worship, devotion, obediance and submission are what I demand. They're what I expect. They're what I get...from every man I choose to toy with.

Men are my playthings. They are for my amusement, my pleasure, my entertainment. At the first hint of hesitation or incomplete surrender from one of my trinkets, he is quickly shown the door...and can dress himself outside. I don't think twice or look back, because I know there are 50 other dudes who are waiting for me to give them the chance to drop to their knees before me.

While I've long known I've had The Power, I found myself wanting to induce more of a "mind fuck". I wanted to see what a quivering pool of mush I could turn a male into by just being in my presence, with just my voice and my words, and then do with him as I wished. I wanted to get deeper into his psyche than any other woman ever had. I wanted him to leave with a desire greater than he had ever felt. I wanted the thought of worshipping me to become all-consuming.

I started to explore and research this concept. There are no coincidences, and it was at this time that Goddess Pagan entered my life.

She knew exactly what I was about and what I wanted, because she was living it, she had mastered (Mistressed?) it. She generously shared her knowledge and experience. She and I were sisters in dominance. We laughed about men, reveled in our supremacy over them.

It was then that my Power was taken to a deeper level.

Now it's your turn to dare to experience my energy. You too can be my conquest.

Be forewarned: I have expectations that I don't ever abandon. You will at all times respect me, be honest with me, and obey me. Talk to me with some semblance of intelligence. I will ask a bevy of questions in the beginning, to better plan how to get inside you. If you can't tell me who you are and what you want, I can't determine how I will dally with you.

Do NOT play with me or test me. I have absolutely no tolerance for that, and trust do not want to incur my wrath. I will break you. I am far superior to you, remember?

In turn, I will listen to you and your desires. We shall decide on a goal together, but it will be up to me as to how I mold you. This is a process, a very personal and individualized journey that will take you to a place that even in your wildest fantasies, you have never imagined.

I will come to live inside you, very near the surface at all times. You will have intense cravings to hear my voice and follow my direction. You won't exactly understand what's happening to you, all you will know is that you want more than anything to belong to me.

Worship. Look it up in the dictionary. That will be a good start for you, my little plaything.

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