Allow me to introduce myself..... my Name is Gypsy.

From this point forward you will know the woman you are going to worship.

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I use erotic hypnosis to stimulate your imagination to be closer to a real-life situation. I like squeezing into your head and find it to be an easy task. My voice and creative ideas swing you over to my side of the fence, where I tickle your intelligence and arouse excitement in your tight genitals. Days later you'll ask if it's really possible that someone can get into your head, and I'll say no.. then laugh at you.

I enjoy sessions that include mind games, different levels of humiliation, instructions that push your buttons, orgasm control, wordplay, weekly to monthly training, and sissification through hypnosis.

I think the best way to describe my dominating phone sex style is in the area of Humiliation. If I get more specific, my specialty is men in panties, which reigns from sissy shame or feminization. My style is just a lot more manipulative than you might expect.

I love to use men, get what I want out of them and then drop them like a hot potato. I'll adapt with whatever I have learned from you and use it against you, or some other victim. I can't help it. I use men, it's what I do. I manipulate them by being pushy and aggressive, or passive and innocent. I have been doing these behaviors my whole life. It's only natural that I become a Goddess of control and mind fucking.

I'm a traveler, I go against the rules, and I am a "collector". I collect guys for instance - and I'm very sure of the ones I like to keep. I like to coddle odd fantasies and the guys who have the word "weird" marked on their personality. I can charm you, but I am also "the questioner" and the instigator".

I can appear to be the sweet girl next door, all cute, sincerely nice, and so concerned for others. But deep down inside, I've got an attitude. Sure I am bubbly, but only when I get my way and don't even consider anything else. I can go from sweet to cruel in 2.2 seconds and you will never get an explanation why.

I love being in control, and I'll pretend not to notice your weirdness. I'll talk your ear off if the mood strikes me, but I'll also take whatever your fantasy is, and turn it up 3 notches. I'll make it my own mission to use what you tell me against you. Because I always KNOW better than you.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Goddess Gypsy