"LUST has a face and body; allow me to show it to you. I.... Am.... LUST"

Welcome to the Altar of Goddess Pagan

Hello pets, you anxious little monkeys... I welcome you to my version of Mind Lust. Down in the dark places of your lust, my members area will become like a memory of Heaven... once you've seen it. And I have such sights to show you. The sexual dreams of men are such fertile ground for my seeds of torment. You're so ripe right now. And it's MY harvest time. Save your cum for me to reap slowly. We have lots of time to discover the things that make you whimper and squirm. You think your night time world is closed to me? Your mind is so open and naked already. Like a book that yearns to be read. Like a door that begs to be opened. This is my website.... This is my naked body.... Happy are they who come to my sabbat. There is nothing to fear but fear... herself.

Safe, Sane, and Consensual

What will you find in my member's area? Over 240 photos of ME in all my naked glory... and doing some pretty dirty things. None of these photos have ever been published on this site before. There are lesbian scenes, many pictures of me having sex with men or even group sex. I demonstrate my cock sucking skills. I have photos of me dominating worthless men and women. I also have a hynosis area for visual and audio sessions. You'll have access to my personal phone number so you can text me or leave me voicemail. Oh, but that won't be all... as I intend to add graciously to this area of my website. I will be including contributions from slaves, letters of their devotion to me, erotic stories of mind control, more personal details about my life and thoughts etc. And for the hell of it I'm even adding other fetish stuff just for fun. And all of it... for an EASY price... a simple tribute of $35.00 from you gets you all of it forever. There are not charges that will continue to re-occur on your credit card. There are tricks involved. It's my Thunderdome where you will be entranced, enticed, and lost forever amoung my army of monkeys. My members area is Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

For further samples of my photos you can view my gallery but none of that is quite as "BARE naked" or as "Exposed" as my Member's area is. Be warned.... I am much nastier than you think I am. Cruel, and very sexual... with plenty of experience and the willingness to do whatever I please.

Cumming Soon!

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