Allow me to introduce myself..... my Name is Serenity.
From this point forward you will know the woman you are going to worship.

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I… am… the… Goddess... Serenity. While my name may "sound" peaceful, don't forget about my goal: to own and posses you completely. Are you ready to begin the most intense journey of your lifetime?

I am a woman of class, intelligence, and power, but I am a wild soul as you may notice. I'm experienced in anything considered "alternative" and definitely live life on the edge. You'll soon come to understand what I mean by "edge" since you'll be taken to it as well. Am I dangerous? Only when I feel like it. Will you be safe with me? Oh well, that depends on my mood.

Our journey will take you down many paths and once you have begun it… your desire for Me will only intensify. You will come back again and again to be guided, controlled and led to the place only the two of us can visit together.

My voice is as smooth as silk, deep, commanding, controlling. A voice to lead, a voice for you to follow. Come allow Me to lead you, trust in my voice. Fall deeply into Me, follow Me as I teach you, guide you.

Erotic Hypnosis is a journey, a path you must follow, a path that leads you to your ultimate desire, the ultimate worship, a path that leads you to ME.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Goddess Serenity