Dominating, Hypnotic, Seductive - Goddess Pagan
Allow me to introduce myself..... my Name is Pagan.
From this point forward you will know the woman you are going to worship.

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I am educated, spiritual, and very sure of whom I am. I hide nothing about my true personality. I am caring one minute and I have a "fuck off" attitude the next. I can have a biting sarcastic tone and if pushed I can be a major bitch. I'm not afraid of verbal confrontation - I thrive on it. I can argue with anyone at anytime. I have the ability to see through most people immediately, and I am never easily fooled. I am also pretty witty and have a warped sense of humor. I am known for my generosity with my friends always ready to help them. I consider myself to be intelligent and even sensitive at times.

To make you drool my little pets.... I will tell you about my vital statistics:
  • I weigh 120 pounds.
  • I am 34 -25-34
  • I am almost 6 foot tall
  • I am PROUD of my small tits.
  • I a natural brunette but often dye it darker yet.
  • I have bedroom eyes and I know how to use them to convey my emotion and my passions.
  • I have a natural figure - and I like my own body.
  • I am a smoker and a drinker.
  • I lack patience for stupidity and ignorance.
  • My pussy and my tongue are pierced. I have a tattoo of a fairy on my back.
  • I have a very haunting voice. It's smooth, clear, and I use it in ways to titillate, tease, demand, and persuade my little pets.
  • I have a live-in slave boy who works to provide, as well as serve me.

I'm a pretty strong woman - I am not the least bit submissive and I do not switch ever. I got into the BDSM lifestyle when I was 18 and moved in with a 55 year old man. He was commanding and strong which intimidated many people… except for me. I made him pamper me and I ran his entire life pretty quickly. It took him a by surprise to have a young inexperienced girl over power him. You might say I am naturally dominant and like the be the boss.

I'm somewhat private and confusing to know. I enjoy an aura of mystery to my personality and I like to toy with those who want to figure me out. I'm rebellious and often break the rules just for my entertainment.

I'm a Gothic princess... a punk rock rebel.... a wicked seductress..... an eclectic witch.... a raging fantasy queen...... a bitchy enchantress..... and an intellectual thinker. I can delight your dick AND your brain - but that will basically be MY choice!

I'm not a moaner... not a screamer.... not a whiner.... not a faker.... not a liar.... and definitely NOT an actress. I detest bullshit and phoniness.

Some of my favorite music artists are Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Garbage, The Cure, The Donnas, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and anything else that dark, angry, brooding, and poetic. I also enjoy more mainstream and classic stuff like the Beatles.

I am a natural born writer and love to do it. You can read an erotic hypnosis sensual story that I wrote Here on this page. It's also a good story for those new to this fetish.

I get off on seducing a man - causing him to have intense emotions for me, and then trampling on his wee little heart for kicks. Call it a hobby!

I like Submissive men who are not naturally submissive in every way. I don't mean the type who wants to play the switch game or attempts to top from the bottom. I mean I like the man who works as a professional, in a position where he does know what control is about. Then I can take him over. Soppy wimpy wishy washy men are a turn off to me. I don't like crybabies unless I influence their crying, and they have not cried since childhood. I like a man who shows confidence and intelligence but yet STILL will become my slave boy. I like the men who keep their deep desire to be dominated a big secret. I like secrets in general..... I like knowing that I become your secret life. I believe it's power, and it's my own personal fetish.

When I do calls I like the sexy feeling they give me. I especially enjoy a very verbal/vocal man who makes it obvious that my seduction is overwhelming him. I'm not into torture, pain, or verbal humiliation. In some doses those things are fine - but I don't find the hardcore stuff very sexy. I am very feminine and I use that in both real life and on the phone to overpower a man's sex drive.

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