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We all love sensual teasing, and we love to hear a man beg for release yet hate those pathetic little cum accidents. You had better be a man who wants some serious cock control. We can restrain your orgasm by denying you release. And we mean business.

You must know that when a man is denied, not permitted to cum that he becomes a much more devoted little creature to a woman. We like that, use it, and exploit it. That is your purpose -- is it not? To SERVE? It's so much easier to get you in line with blue balls scknookems and we mean in it the cutest way possible. Or maybe not.

You know you like the idea even if you don't have the "balls" to go through with holding it back. Take that hand away from your dick right stroker.We have big plans for it and we want to leave it throbbing in your pants.... possibly for days on end. Can you show us how strong you are? You deserve to be left hanging on the edge of cumming... so call now.

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