Goddess Pagan's Orgasm Denial and Cock Teasing Phone Sex Fun

I love sensual teasing, and I love to hear a man beg for release but I hate those pathetic little cum accidents. You had better be a man who wants some serious cock control. I am going to restrain your orgasm by denying you release. And I mean business.

In High School I was rebellious, trampy, and wild, yet not really slutty. However, because I LOOKED it - guys thought they could get "it" from me. But I was a prick tease and I got off more leaving them with blue balls. I choose who I fucked - and it was always on MY terms. When I was 18 I met a man much older than me and lived with him. He was professional, smart, demanding, and a very powerful personality... until I stripped his ass naked and cock teased him with no mercy. Funny how even the strongest man can be controlled through his dick. Once I learned how to exploit it - I owned him and his orgasms. He hated it, he fought against me, but I made him wait for 3 months before I allowed him to cum. I taught him to beg, to plead, and to shower me in devotion to get release. And then I only gave him that release when I felt like it. I like confusing him - making him wonder if he could figure out a way to bargain with me to cum. And when he THOUGHT he knew how to get it, I changed the damn rules on him. Men are far more helpless than they wish to admit, which is why an intelligent girl can have some serious fun.

Take that hand away from your dick. I have big plans for it and I want to leave it throbbing in your pants.... possibly for days on end. Can you show me how strong you are? You deserve to be left hanging on the edge of cumming... so order a call with me now.

Straight Up Phone Fucks 1-877-444-0389

Cock Control Phone Sex 1-888-210-8446

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