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Ideas on How to Use Erotic Hypnosis in Phone Sex
Written by Goddess Pagan for your Mind Lust Education

Erotic hypnosis is a distinct and specialized fetish. My hypno fetish may be very different than yours. So we will spend some time discussing it and finding a point where we can understand each other. I strongly believe in communicating and I prefer partners, phone sex subbies, and my real slaves to be good communicators. I cannot yank out of you what or where your interests are… you must be able to communicate it with me. I never "assume" what you want from me - that's why I ASK you.

The theme for this page is to spend some time discussing some of the various ways erotic hypnosis can be used on the phone. One important thing to remember is this: I don't care whom you talk to - it will take more than one session to create your ultimate goal with erotic hypnosis. It's all about you really trusting the Mistress, and it's impossible to trust her in one session. Just about any other Hypno Mistress would agree with me on this. It does take some time to build up a relationship between you and her. It takes time to achieve deep trances with a new Mistress - even if you are experienced in hypnosis. If you are only dabbling in erotic hypnosis - you will still feel the "effects", but they can/do intensify with repeated sessions. Every Hypno Domme has her own personal style, perhaps you will like mine, and maybe you won't. Once you know you like me and feel comfortable with me - then you will feel deeper trances.

Erotic hypnosis in a domination fantasy can allow you to experience a scene in your head very intensely and dramatically - yet it is as safe as any other fantasy. You can take any fantasy really, and shut the rest of the word out - make it disappear through a hypnotic induction and then experience it all vividly in your mind. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Onward to some fetish ideas…..

You might just be hypnotized as my little slave. I will use mind control - I can wiggle my way into your head and bend your thoughts to anything I want. Of course, it will be to force you to worship me. I'll tease you, deny you, bring into a dark realm, and make you what I want you to be... my pet.

You may want to be hypnotized to be brainwashed… however, be sure to tell me how and why. Just saying, "Goddess I want to be brainwashed in any way you want"…. Is not enough information. If you have a brainwashing fetish then you already have SOME idea of how and what you wanted to be brainwashed about. And if you do not, then try to figure that out before you make the request.

Maybe you want to be hypnotized to HAVE a fetish. Perhaps you want me to choose one for you. We can do 3 or 4 sessions of conditioning you to become fixed on a fetish and then test that it's working by having a few non-hypno calls to see how it's worked.

Erotic hypnosis can be used for tease and denial or cock control fantasies too. Maybe I will hypnotize you to be unable to release yourself. Maybe we'll use a hypnosis session just to make a "tease" feel real… like I am physically there touching your cock for you.

Maybe you want to feel certain sexual desires or specific emotions… you can be mentally conditioned to experience this by me planting a hypnotic trigger in your head during a session. Maybe you work in an office full of women and want to have a simple easy trigger word that they will use to make you become subservient to them automatically. Or maybe I'll just use that trigger word for myself and make you my pleasure victim.

Maybe you just want a simple idea, maybe you just want to know what it feels like to have an extremely intense orgasm. Bigger and greater than you have ever known.

Hypnosis can be used for specific fetishes too. Let's say you want to feel like a woman… or want to become a cross dresser. Multiple telephone sessions will plant the seeds to make it happen. Or maybe you already are a sissy slut and want to do a session where it feels like I am publicly humiliating you by taking you out dressed in full drag to pick up men. Or perhaps you have an adult baby fetish but are not brave enough to really buy a diaper… I can hypnotize you to FEEL like you are wearing one, or to condition you to do it anyway.

Perhaps you have the ever popular taboo fantasy of being with a man. Maybe in your head, you fantasize about sucking a cock or being ass fucked. In reality, you could NEVER do such a thing… but under my hypnotic spell and in my loving arms… you can experience it safely. You can have the sensations without doing something that may really be unnatural for you.

Many of you subbies know of all the devices and sex toys available. If you have seen some of the "chastity belts" or "cock cages" available and have an interest, but can't really use it yourself or in a phone sex "relationship"... then let me place a mystical one on you. I can bind your cock with a simple hypnotic spell and lock it with me being the key holder. Only I can release you from it and it's just as effective for an obedient boy toy.

There is an entire robotic hypno fetish too. Some enjoy being hypnotized to be sexually stimulated by a robot, or to become one themselves. Some enjoy erotic scenes involving cyborgs, electromechanical manipulation, and virtual reality. Or perhaps they want to feel like a toy doll, a sex doll, and etc. This can be done as well with a deep discussion into your personal fetish prior.

So as you can see... erotic hypnosis can be used in many ways in phone sex. It's a specialized fetish and a way to allow both you and me to explore our fantasies. Whatever way we go - I'll take over, I'll show you a new world, and you will think about both me and our session for many days after.

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