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I am not an expert, I am not here to educate anyone, and all I can offer you is my personal opinion about erotic hypnosis. I decided to make this page information based, so that you will know what exactly you are paying for with your MEMBERSHIP.

Hypnosis is basically a deep physical and mental relaxation much like meditation. Entering a "trance" is really just a calm relaxed state of being, where your senses are heightened and are greatly focused. You will be able to recall your experience and even to interact during it. You remain aware of what is taking place the entire time, and will not do something that is against your personal character or morals. You will not lose the control of your mind.

Erotic hypnosis is not like therapeutic hypnosis because it is more about the experience rather than a treatment. Erotic hypnosis is fantasy-oriented, meaning that it is a simple "escape from reality". A sensual hypnotic fantasy will be more intense than a regular fantasy… your imagination will reach its peak, and allow you to experience a complete mental picture along with the feelings/sensations that coincide with it.

There are 3 basic levels of Trance: light, medium, and deep. It is a process to work into a deep trance… it will take time and effort to reach it. As we get to know one another with each phone call, and as our trust gets greater - so too will the trances. Your individual experience with erotic hypnosis will vary. A person who enters a "trance" is still thinking and aware. Someone in a trance is more responsive to commands and suggestions.

Can you erotically be hypnotized over the telephone or the internet? Sure. Allow me to cite you an example: a person who meditates might listen to an audio CD or mp3 designed for the purpose of inducing the meditative sensation. It's usually a recording with light new age music, and someone talking you through the trance. Erotic hypnosis by telephone/online is virtually identical. One of the most interesting things about erotic hypnosis from a phone sex perspective is that once a trance begins, almost any fantasy you can imagine can be played out. You can experience any fetish or fantasy at a very intense level.

Erotic hypnosis is a "fetish" and is very different from your standard phone sex or domination session. The hypnosis fantasy itself is in the same vein as domination/submission. The key to being submissive is to let go your inhibitions and to trust the domme. In an erotic hypnosis fantasy trust is essential for me, and I will make sure that you have a good sense of my integrity before we even start. We'll get to know each other a bit first to make sure we both feel comfortable with each other.

As a fetish - erotic hypnosis is NOT for everyone. Dirty words and kinky talk is much less the focus, it's more about the intensity and the induction. Erotic hypnosis is meant to bring the "picture" alive in your head and the feelings will be vivid. Most fetish fans of hypnosis already know the sensual release of submitting themselves. The submissives that truly enjoy this fetish are usually not into hardcore domination, and are almost always of a higher intelligence. It's basically a big head game type of fantasy.

Many people in the BDSM community look at hypnosis as "abusive". Often this comes from the belief that the domme manipulates the subs mind, or takes over the will of the submissive. But this is not true, your morals will not change - you will be able to refuse something that you do not want to happen. You will be very aware of everything that transpires. Erotic hypnosis is a fantasy used to enhance the submissive experience to a very different level. Most hypno-fetishists already know this.

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