Before You Join Little Newbies.... Know what you are getting into!
For newbies that want to experience an erotic hypnosis session whether online in my MEMBERS section, or over the telephone.. but really do not have knowledge of the fetish, I am giving you guidelines on ways to educate yourself before you attempt to do a session with me, or anyone else. Since I state it all over the place on my site already… it's probably worth my time to repeat it again, EROTIC HYPNOSIS is a fetish. That means if you do not have the deep inner desire to be hypnotized then it probably won't work for you. Please continue to read this ENTIRE page to learn more.

In movies you see some wicked character hypnotizing a person, and that person turns into a zombie like subject that must obey every command no matter how weird or immoral it is. That's not reality… that's not erotic hypnosis. It's a movie.

As my subject I guide you into a hypnotic trance. You are not an immediate slave to me because you will have still have free will. You are not in a sleep like state, you are really more attuned and attentive. You must WANT to be my slave… and you must want to go with the natural flow of hypnosis. You need to be a willing subject and have some interest as well as very basic knowledge.

Being in a trance means you are susceptible to SUGGESTIBILITY and RELAXATION. Your imagination is at least 50% heightened, perhaps MORE. You are actually conscious, but you are perhaps more focused on ME (of course) and what I am saying while tuning external distractions out. You'll be able to embrace ideas, suggestions, comments, and everything that I say more easily.

There are all types of theories about hypnosis in general. I personally believe it as a way to calm the conscious mind and access the subconscious one. By allowing your subconscious mind to take over… you'll be freer, more open, and perhaps even more submissive.

To successfully be hypnotized you MUST have trust for me. We'll spend a few minutes chatting before we begin if you are a new client, and I will do this in order to comfort you with who I am. I also suggest you read my entire site before you call me.

I WILL be asking you questions about your hypno fetish. Be prepared, I want to have you communicate a bit with me. I won't make it easy if you avoid my questions. You remember right? I'm a dom.

It takes time to get hypnosis done right. One call will not provide the whole experience. Hypnosis is a gradual progressive process. Keep that in mind.

Before I will accept a NEWBIE into my realm you need to do the following.

If you cannot do those things, are unsure of what I mean, or do not understand at all… then please move on to someone else. This is not complex information to me, and if it is to you… we're probably not going to get along.

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