Dear Goddess Pagan,
Last night's phone call has left a pleasant glow over my whole body. From our conversation I can infer that you are a gifted, talented, spiritual guide into the realm of hypno-erotica. The imagery that has stayed with me the longest is that of the darkness. The feeling that you are total surrounding me. Almost like being inside the womb again, waiting to be born as the humble slave to my goddess that my being wants to know. The floating, sensory deprivation, cared for, sublime, and totally satisfied feeling was overwhelming and ecstatic to say the least. When you said that you were fuckin' me all over with your voice and words made me feel totally surrounded and penetrated at the same time. I really did feel like I had been taken to a totally new place. Surrendering my soul made me feel fulfilled and uplifted at the same time. The sensuousness of your voice and the pacing of your words connected our souls, and never gave the feeling of being rushed. The quality and care that you put into your work lets me know that I'm dealing with some one who enjoys her work, and makes it look easy. Your service is definitely stages above most doing the same type of calls. I look forward with baited breath until our next visit. With all my soul.

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