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The RULES Of Mind Lust

Read them Over as Often as you Need to and be thankful that we make it easy for you
Written by Goddess Pagan so you understand our rules

EVERYTHING is clear, concise, and available on this Website. REVIEW the ENTIRE site before you call. Most of your questions will be answered here. I've worked damn hard this web page to make sure it's interesting and informative. Only call me when you are certain you want to set up a session. If a question is not answered or you are not certain about something then feel free to email me and I will answer as soon as humanly possible.

This service is a specialty service, and what this means is that it is not for everyone. You should know SOMETHING about erotic hypnosis before you call one of us. Perhaps you have tried it previously with someone else, or even just read some stories. I do NOT encourage anyone totally new to it to try it for fun - you should know at least a little bit about it. That's what I mean when I say it is a "specialized fetish", not everyone will enjoy it so make sure you know you will. If you have come across my site and this is your first time ever reading about it then go to my Erotic Story page and at the very least... read what I have written there and then EMAIL ME to let me know you are interested in it but inexperienced. I want us BOTH to be sure this is what you want before you call me or spend a cent. My site is detailed for you to be sure but many still do not get it completely. I will be annoyed with you if you don't read the site and mark my words, you won't like my reaction. It is common sense to read and learn about something before you make a purchase.

We all have a life (unlike you, probably), so we have a schedule for when we are available for calls. If you wish to request a call at another time, email me several days in advance and I *may* accommodate you.

The phone system we use is automated. You get credit card approval and will then connect you to one of us or someone else who is available.

None of us do calls that involve intense pain or extreme fantasies of torture. We do not have a taboo about it -we just do not find them to be our personal thing. We also do not care for hardcore extreme verbal humiliation. It's not that the insults aren't going to fly toward you, that's easy... but we mean in the "extreme".

We do accept monetary "tributes", but it will always be you who will bring the subject up (or express an interest in financial domination). If YOU wish to pay a tribute, it will always be by YOUR choice. To do so, simply say so and we'll proceed from there.

We DO consider and respect limits - we will ask you to do the same. You have the ability and certainly the RIGHT to use the word NO when you feel you need to. Your input is wanted as well. If we tell you NO for any reason, then you must respect it as well.

We have a customer driven service and this means that it is important to resolve misunderstandings or to clear up errors with billing. Mistakes do happen sometimes. If you feel a mistake has been made in billing, call the dispatcher and she will research it and correct it if need be. Do not discuss billing errors with me.

When you call expect "pre-talk" time before our actual session. Since this is a personal service - we want to take a few minutes to talk with you about your desires, needs, and the limits you have. We'll most likely ask you questions that will help to better understand YOU as a person and individual. Our "pre-talk" time is essential to a long enjoyable telephone relationship between us. We will anticipate your input and expect you to ask us questions (politely) as well.

Understand that we DO prefer telephone relationships in the long term sense.... it is impossible to do one phone call and get everything out of it. Hypnosis is a progressive process so it may take time with different individuals to reach the "point of Mind Lust". Our goal will always be to take you deeper into the spell on each call. We do not enjoy and/or like "wham bam thank you Goddess" types of calls. A good length of time for a new caller to devote is 30 minutes, in case you are wondering.

Be clear with what you want when you call. General stupid statements such as "uh uh I wanna be dominated" can piss us off. No shit genius, we can assume that much. We want you to have a fairly clear goal in mind and furthermore we want you to tell it to us. If you have no clue what you expect or want from us -- how the hell are we going to know? Be a communicator, open up and talk to us like a normal person. We're listening - We're interested - and furthermore we intend on communicating clearly with you.

We cannot devote special time to you via email, quick telephone questions, or in chat. Don't email one of us and ask if we are available - it's the act of an idiot who thinks we sit at my computer all day long staring at our email accounts waiting for a message. We've given you our schedules, and you will abide by it unless arrangements have been made by email in advance. Messages with clear intent are fine, but we don't have the time to go back and forth all day long. There are those pesky little annoying slaves who just have fun trying to get our time for free. We know it when we see it, so we tend to ignore it. Remember - We may and most likely will manipulate you -- but you can't do so with us. We receive a ton of emails per day, so many it is pretty impossible to answer them all. We also give priority to our callers as THAT is who we are really here for. Now also understand that we don't mind questions and are happy to answer them. It's very pro-active for a customer of any business to ask questions. We don't mind going back and forth in email helping someone decide if they should do a call - if it's done in a professional pro-active way. Got it? We will answer as fast as humanly possible.

Understand that we are amateur Hypnotists. We have no certifications etc. We can not cure you of anything or treat you with hypnosis. We have done a great deal of study on our own and done many many erotic hypnosis calls. We have a deep understanding for the fetish, and enjoy it.

We accept both novice subs as well as experienced submissives. Be upfront and honest about what you desire when you talk to us. We are Domme, but we can't read your mind. "Anything you want Goddess" or "I am up for anything" IS NOT an acceptable answer and it may annoy us.

Don't tell us your slave name - I don't care. If we want you to have a slave name then we will give you one ourselves. But we probably won't, because the REALITY of the relationship is an important factor in Mind Lust.

We am NOT accepting REAL TIME slaves so please do not ask. This is a PHONE DOMINATION SERVICE only! Inquiries about R/T or meeting will be ignored, or made fun of by me and my friends.

We do not and will not compromise our personal morals or our individual personalities for your call. We am not interested in pretending to be something we are not. What you see here is what you get when you call. We are direct, sincere, honest, demanding, demeaning, ruthless, sexy, sarcastic, manipulative, controlling, erotic, sensual, soft spoken, intelligent, flexible and interesting. If those personality traits do not interest you, that's fine, but then please go somewhere else because we can't pretend to be anything else.

Rudeness or disrespect of ANY kind will not be tolerated.

We do not accept female subs. It's not that we dislike women or do not give/receive sexual gratification from/with them.... it's just that it's MEN we prefer to dominate and control. We believe women are the superior sex due to our natural ability to communicate better, and because of the power women have with their sexuality. Men are inferior because they have no control over their sex drives... they are led by it... often led by MIND LUST. We enjoy dominating men, controlling their dicks, controlling their minds, and causing them to become whimpering fools who will do anything for our love or attention. So dominating women isn't our thing.

We have ZERO patience for improper behavior with our services and we won't ever be afraid to let you know it. We also have a very low tolerance for stupidity. It is expected you will review the entire webpage closely. It is expected that you understand the erotic hypnosis fetish before you call. It's a very specialized interest and may not be for you. We can assure you that we will NEVER be irresponsible with you -- we will pay close attention to you, and we expect the same in return.

This is a GIVEN with any business - but we do not tolerate fraud. This service is a member of multiple Fraud Associations on the net, and we will work hard with banks and law enforcement to make sure fraud of ANY type is caught and punished. We don't need to post up a loser list because we are not afraid to call the District Attorney in your area and report you for Fraud. And dummies, it IS Fraud to buy a product or service and then attempt to dispute the bill. So if you think you are smart enough to rip me off - then we will crush your little daydreams :) It's not a threat - It's a PROMISE. Happy Day.

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A Word to Copycats: I know it's hard - oh so hard to write your own material, create your own ideas, and to have a frigging personality. But don't be a mental gimp and copy my work or any other webmistresses ya fucking dumbass. I see such rampant copyright abuse on the net and I hate "posers". If you don't know what a poser is - let me explain by saying "it ain't authentic". While I will appreciate your idol worship and imitation as sincere flattery - I don't want a dipshit using my stuff pretending to be me. And slaves who turn copycats in to me get a special prize.