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Dark Mysterious Fantasies

You lust for a NEW fantasy. You have desires that brink on 'B-Movie' exploitation films. Your dirty, secret, and unique imagination has created vivid dramatic depictions of vampires, succubi, witches, aliens, and evil women that taunt you, seduce you etc.

But you are missing a 'key' ingredient.... the perfect female to fit the bill. Yes, one of us fit the bill....we can pry that dark secret fantasy out of you and wave our magical wands to make it happen.

We can roleplay your scenario... that we will take from you and make our own. We'll make our own little 'horror' sex story and the pleasure will be all ours.

The best way to make your mysterious fantasy work my dear lost little soul... is to do a 'phone sex fantasy' consultation with one of us.We will ask you some questions, we can get to know one another, and either continue on with the scene or plan out some time for a session.

Some fantasies do require more time than others and we'll give you our feelings on that situation. Our initial interaction is very dependent on communication from us both to make sure that your fantasy is given the chance to be developed and enacted out in a way that you've only ever imagined.

Evil is such a harsh word....
I think 'sinister' fits us better.

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