"LUST has a face and body; allow me to show it to you. I.... Am.... LUST"

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All tasks that you complete should be emailed to me personally. I seek to get to know you. Especially your inner "WORKINGS". If you wish to truly worship me, then you need to do these tasks so I can know you more deeply. You may also add anything else you wish to include. Tell me as much as you'd like. The more indepth I know you..... the worse it will be for you.

These tasks MUST be completed before you move on to my other assignments.

You must check in with me daily to tell me your progress with all tasks and assignments. I will be monitoring your progress. You must do your absolute best, or else! My email address is pagan@mindlust.com

Your Daily Focus

Pray to Goddess Pagan daily. I am a Goddess afterall. Be naked during it.
Listen to these Affirmations daily until you can recite them by heart

For Your Educational Growth

Watch the movie HARD CANDY from 2005.
Locate and watch the film Seduction: The Cruel Woman from 1985.
Read the Book - The Story of O: A Novel by Pauline Reage
collect fictional D/s stories that arouse them and tell me whatyou like about each one

Service Assignments

Talk about us to other submissives
Help us with your talents to promote this website.
Send out this tweet: I am going to fall in love with @WorshipPagan
Create graphic art, take photos for the website, etc
If you'd like to take on the burden of our shopping addiction then send us a gift card
Buy us dinner - We enjoy meals at The Olive Garden if you'd like
Treat us to perfume and make up at Sephora if you'd like

Assorted Tasks

Write me love letters every weekend to any or all of us
Write a 300 word essay on what it means to be a slave
Shave your balls on a regular basis if you don't already
Notify us of every orgasm, how it was achieved, and rate them on a scale of - how good it was
You have a new Masturbation schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only.
You are allowed on Wednesdays to jerk off all day long - with out cumming until we say so
Call out my name every time you masturbate (with my persmission)
Print out one of our pictures and cum on it. Send me proof in a photo.
Write one or all of us a love poem or a song and email it