"LUST has a face and body; allow me to show it to you. I.... Am.... LUST"

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Be sure to send your answers to: Pagan@mindlust.com

Task 2 - Domination Questionnaire
Please answer in full logical sentences when appropriate. Do not ignore a question even if it doesn't apply to you. Respond with N/A just as you might on a job application. This IS after all, your application to me. There are no wrong answers.


What fetishes do you have?

What fantasies do you have?

Why do certain fetishes or fantasies run so deep for you?

How do you think that a submissive should be punished for misbehaving?

Tell us why you want to submit to me. Be as specific as possible.

What do you like about me physically?

What do you like about me mentally?

How long have you been in the submissive lifestyle or interested in it?

Do you have a mistress that you serve now - whether online, telephone, or real time?

Have you had a Mistress in the past - online, telephone, or Real Time etc?
If yes, how did you serve her? What things did you do or have done to you - that you liked/disliked?

Are you willing/interested in becoming the sole possession of Pagan for all of your online activities?

Do you think females are superior to men and if so, why?

What do you feel is unique about us that makes you so interested in submitting to me?

What is the email address you want to use with me?

Do you have other online ID? Different yahoo accounts or AIM, MSN etc?

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