"LUST has a face and body; allow me to show it to you. I.... Am.... LUST"

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Be sure to send your answers to: Pagan@mindlust.com

1.) I want confessions of the dumbest, queerest way you've beat off. I want to hear a story of how stupid you were when you've rubbed one out. Share your humiliation with me so I can laugh at it.

2.) Your punishment... is to select a day to tie up your cock and balls. This may be done with rubber bands, shoe laces, cock rings... whatever you've got. I want it tight enough to be sure you remember your failures. A minimum of 6 hours is REQUIRED. This is your reminder of being bound to me, and my rules. At the 6th hour you must email me about how wonderful I am and what about me turns you on the most. ONLY then may you cum. You can show me how great you are and wait even longer in a feeble attempt to get noticed. I may be impressed by it. You should also email me a thank you message for giving you this punishment.

3.) Write ME a devotional and email it to me. Do you want a happy Goddess or an angry one? Then you had better do as told! Your devotionals should be creative, original, and as wishy washy as possible. Poems, prayers, love letters, songs, and any other type will be accepted. I may even post it on my website.

4.) All you little freaks... tell me about your first submissive experience. When did you know what you were? How did you approach your desires early on and how did you learn about your fetishes? Send me an email.

5.) Please email me your entire inventory of sex toys. Sex Toys would be ANY other item you have ever masturbated with or use for extra stimulation. It can be as simple as lube or as complex as a fake pussy you have purchased. You all should be ashamed of showing ME just how much time you waste playing with yourself. Share this shame with me.

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