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Domination Pet Peeves

Yes… you are the PET.

Ok, dick dangler.. these are some of my domination pet peeves. Don’t do this stuff, don’t act these ways, and you will adore me. I can be super nice, but I can also be Super Bitch 2000. You will like the nicer version – I promise! Even my nice version is cruel.

Assumptions. I hate them. Don’t assume jack about me, and I won’t about you.

Egos. Leave it at the door or have it beaten down. I have a fuck-off attitude and if I want – that’s what you will do Mr. Ego Cool guy… you will fuck off.

Favors. I don’t like people asking me for favors when it’s pretty clear on the site that I  don’t like a lot of crap. We don’t do favors for anyone without some form of incentive. And even if you offer that – I still reserve the right to say no for any reason.

Ignorance. If you act stupid and sound stupid then I will figure that you probably are stupid. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for anything. You have a brain; it probably functions, so perhaps test it out occasionally.

Tricks. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. Pull one or try one – you’ll meet my super bitch side.  And she is NOT erotic at all. Try it stud, just once and that’s all it will take.

Pressure. Any pressure for answers that I choose not to give will anger me. I am open and honest with 99% of my responses. If I should choose not to answer your question then respect it.

Pushiness. Some guys are pushy, and some women despise those guys. I am one of those women. Has anyone ever called you pushy? If so, then don’t contact me! I will run out of patience. Pushy dudes tend to be the ones who try to “turn the tables” or want to prove that they “can’t” be dominated.  I’ll just prove that I don’t care about you.

Whimpering. Argh, it makes me sick. Would you like some WHINE with that? If you whimper or whine, I won’t like you. If it even sounds a little like a whimper, I will clock you one in the mouth, and leave you all alone wimp.