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phone sex rituals
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Acts Of Love & Pleasure Are Rituals

I enjoy many things in the BDSM lifestyle; and like anyone else, there are certain things we are less into. Basically, I will use this page to talk about my style, experiences, and feelings about different fetishes.

I’m subtle with domination and with my sexuality. I understand that to truly dominate a man, I will need to slowly work my way into his little life. Before he even realizes it … the grip will be so tight around his mind and heart that he will feel weak in the knees. The style is a methodical process and a true mind fuck in every sense.

I enjoy the mystery. I will figure you out. I will glimpse into your head and take out information that may seem mundane to you. It’s not, it’s all a part of what you will BECOME. Trust me, I know exactly what I am doing … every little plan and conversation with you is calculated. Aw, did you want to know the plans? No. Never. You can WANT things all damn day … but I will always be five steps ahead of you.

Money Slaves – I totally enjoy financial domination. With real-life slaves – financial abuse is a part of the negotiation. A man may send me on vacation when I feel like going, they buy me clothes, and I use their bank accounts at my whim. I enjoy slaves who want to show their devotion by putting the Goddess up on the pedestal I deserve. In long-distance domination, however, money slaves are totally different. Don’t expect me, don’t ask, and don’t think I am immoral enough to truly abuse your credit card. If we determine that money slavery is a method, specific to you, that will allow me to tighten my grasp on your psyche, we will explore it but I won’t exploit it.

Sexual Interrogation and Blackmail Fantasies – Now, this is a fetish that is different to many people, so let me tell you the type that I enjoy since you are supposed to be listening.  I enjoy guys who like to be QUESTIONED… who let me sit there and ask them anything I want… where I can pry into their lives. I’ll pry into your entire sexual world. I want to know your secrets. You will divulge information that you may have never told anyone else prior. This fetish for me is a long-going drama that ends up coupled with a “blackmail” fantasy. I snoop into your life and then threaten you with blackmail to get what I want. I dig this fantasy fetish because it’s a “head trip” and those types of journeys are the ones I enjoy the most. But remember this is a fantasy – because real blackmail is illegal. So keep in mind that the information you do really share with me on the phone will be kept confidential. I am not in the habit of breaking any laws… but the fantasy part is a blast!

Sensual Domination -Ok call it Romantic Domination, call it soft domination, call it whatever… this Domme style is much less hardcore. A hardcore Domme might use a whip on you and hang you from the ceiling while leaving her marks behind on your flesh. A sensual dominant female might strap you down on the bed and give you a spanking. Sensual domination is exactly what it implies – much more sensual, sexy, romantic, enticing, seductive, and a little more playful.

Masturbatrix Fun aka Cock Control aka JOI – Well this is when I tell you how we want you to yank yourself for me. Pretty basic and simple stuff here. Often I might give assignments or other types of masturbation instructions to a slave. I consider it a talent show. It’s how you can show me what a great monkey spanker you are. I’ll be the one to decide if I am impressed or not. Now here is the catch with it…. If I are to spend the time telling you what I want you to do, then you had better do it… and keep your mouth shut.

Tease and Denial – Your cock NEEDS to be controlled, don’t be ashamed — most men do too. The penis is an organ with a mind of its own — but I can tame it. Restraint is a lesson well taught because it keeps that silly male in “check”, and forces him to do things to please me. I can get anything out of a man with a raging hard-on … but he doesn’t always get to give me what he’d like to. I will tease and seduce you with words. Once worked up in my honor… I can let you cum … or deny you. I can be cruel and take away the sexy flirtation that led you into your pumped-up aroused state. I will make my decision long before you’ll ever find out if you can cum. For me, it will be sooo easy to say no. That’s one more reason that I’m smarter than you. It’s sooo difficult for a man to think with aching blue balls anyway. I can do the thinking instead. I have been known by many men with aching balls to use chastity devices and cold cock cages to be sure release isn’t possible.

Jealousy Fantasies – Ever have the naughty daydream of a woman very sure of her sexuality … knowing that she can use it to hurt you? What if our playtime tease involved me seducing another man in front of you … your jealousy would be more than stirred – I can set it on fire. That can be one fun roleplay for sure.

Cuckold Fantasies – This is one level deeper than a jealousy fantasy, with much greater humiliation. In this roleplay, you are a boyfriend or husband, but of course, you can’t satisfy me sexually because you are so *not* a man (possibly with a woeful tiny dicklet). You will never again be allowed to bore me with your sexual ineptitude. I will make it well known to you and my friends that I have needs and intend to fulfill them. I will parade my lover(s) in front of you and make you the fluffer loser… by using you to arouse him for me. You will watch from the corner while we are in a sexual rapture that you have never witnessed while with you. Finally, I may allow you to use your mouth to clean us up after the lover has filled me with milky cream. The only sexual release you will experience from now on will be by way of your hand (usually only when I allow you).

Love Fantasies – I can tease, torment, seduce, and DISRUPT. I can be so sensual and sweet that it might be hard for you not to adore me. I can make you feel a whirlwind of emotions. You will feel your sensitive side being exposed to me and at first, we will seem to appreciate it. Somehow once you begin to declare your deepening emotion to me, I’m going to lose interest like a fickle bitch. Your love is only a game to me, though I will demand and take it from you. It is then that the toying with you will be at its peak. You will stare at my photos and pine for me. You will never feel good enough, I’ll make sure of it.

I will list some of the other fetishes I enjoy as well: ass worship, face sitting, foot worship, body worship, medical roleplay, slut instruction, sissies, humiliation, feminization, dildo training, strap-on dildos,  butt plugs, cock cages, cock rings, anal sex, spanking, and the list goes on.