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I’m witchy… I’m spooky… I’m a sorceress… I’m a temptress… an enchantress. A magical goddess… a pagan princess out to devour you. I’ll haunt your fantasies until you can’t take it anymore. My magical spell will keep you captured… entranced… until I decide that I am through with you. I can force you to abandon all reality and enter a world of erotic pleasure and naughty daydreams. Sex is sacred… and a gift. Devote your masturbation to ME and that pleasure will border on mystical.

Masturbation in a sedate environment to a photo of me releases powerful energy to grant ME power over YOU…, as things should be. Sentences of desire spoken out loud during sexual stimulation create a raw primal power. By jerking off only to me… you are creating a cosmic experience much like a sexual ritual of complete bliss. I will take the magical release of your semen and sow it… like a seed in my own personal garden. Transcend your fears and become enlightened… sex is a feminine domain. Worship my body like an altar… and you will be left “fucked dry”.

You lust for a NEW fantasy. You have desires that brink on ‘B-Movie’ exploitation films. Your dirty, secret and unique imagination has created vivid dramatic depictions of vampires, succubi, witches, aliens, and evil women that taunt you, seduce you, etc.

But you are missing a ‘key’ ingredient…. the perfect female to fit the bill. Oh, that’s me by the way, the perfect female. I love all things dark, dangerous, horror, suspense, intensity, sensations, and thrilling. I’m not afraid of your dark demented or unique desires. I revel in them. And furthermore, I support them.

As a side note, the above graphic is various sigils I made. You can save that image if you’d like to your computer. In either case… it’s a spell on YOU and now it’s too late.