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The Sexual Sorceress

The Sexual Sorceress

She creeps into my mind like a gothic succubus who wants to carefully devour me. I understand now that I’ll never be the same man again after being exposed to the sexual magic of a Sorceress.

My name is Dave and I had the most erotic and unusual experience of my sexual life recently. It was a Saturday night like any other and my plans always revolved around drinking with some buddies. We met at our usual table in the dim light at McCray’s Irish Pub. I downed a few brews and was feeling comfortable when I first saw her.

She was a stunning brunette with piercing light eyes and a sideways cocky smirk. Her hair fell way past her shoulders, which were bare in her tight velvet black dress. A small silver charm hung from her delicate neck and shined brilliantly against her pale skin. Her attitude was evident in her pose on that bar stool… it was both inviting and intimidating. Her slender legs from beneath her skirt dangled a few inches above the floor. Her black chunky pump shoes made the statement of “I can walk all over you little boy”. So still that she sat there, I almost thought she was a mannequin.

I blinked repeatedly and tried to scan the rest of the people at the bar, but somehow my eyes fell back to her automatically. She stared back at me, as still as could be. My friends took quick notice of my noticing her and made a few rude gestures. Friends with beer have a way of applying pressure, and before I knew it I was heading toward her.

Her foot for the first time bounced against her crossed legs so I knew now she was real. I could feel the beads of sweat building at my temples as I approached her and said “Hello”.

I’ll use a pickup line, works every time I thought. “So uh what’s your sign pretty eyes”? I asked like a dope.

“Scorpio, the sign of sex and why do you ask”? She replied with a deadly serious stare.

“Oh uh, well… I guess I guess I am not good at pick-ups. My name is Dave and I just thought you had gorgeous eyes. Figured I would come over and maybe we could talk.” I sounded so sincere.

“REALLY,” she said with wide eyes and enthusiasm. Then she grew dead silent.

Now if you are a guy you already know how a woman can blow you off and treat you really cold. They make it obvious and I don’t wait around for the bitchy comment from them – I bolt right away. That’s not how she made me feel, she made me feel like she was challenging me to stay there. I didn’t move and we stood there in silence.

So as nervous as I was I started to babble endlessly which is a trait I hate about myself. She lit a long cigarette and began looking me up and down from head to toe. It left me with a weird feeling while she did it, I felt like women must feel I guess when men eyeball them. It was odd but only made me babble more.

She interrupted me, “So Dave you said your name was, I am Pagan. You will do nicely for me tonight so take me home now”. She lifted a little chain purse off the bar and just headed toward the door abruptly. What the hell was that?

What would you do in my shoes? My friends are all watching and the hottest chick in the bar just told me to take her home. I ran after her like a horny dog thinking about how I was going to bang her until she couldn’t walk straight. I ran after her like a stud chasing down his poon-tang. I ran after her like a little boy chasing a toy and I heard my friend laughing hard in the crowded bar.

Boy, she was sure annoyingly quiet, it was unnerving. We got into my car and headed down the highway. She told me where she lived but that was pretty much it, while I babbled like a moron. She only lived a few blocks away in an old warehouse-type of building. She led me through a hallway and up a flight of stairs to a red door. We went inside.

A chill ran through me when I heard her metal red door slam shut, I didn’t know it then but it was a sign. It’s too late for that now, but I understand it better today in the daylight. Maybe if I hadn’t dismissed it as sexual excitement and nervousness things would be different. I should have seen it coming, I should have stopped this sooner.

Her apartment was dark with black material things draped on the windows and over lamps. She went around lighting candles and incense while I flopped down onto her black puffy couch. She carried a candle over to the coffee table and sat down closely leaning into me.

“I saw a need in you tonight”, she said bluntly.

“Oh yeah I have a need honey”, I said like a jackass.

“Get rid of your fantasy designs pet, I see the truth in you that you hide from your asshole jock friends”.

Ok this was getting weird now, “Uh what do you mean”?

“I can fill those empty spaces inside you. I can see into your head and I know that I want to be inside it tempting you with the control you need”. She hissed.

Maybe it was her voice, maybe it was that tight dress, maybe it was her soft perfume smell, maybe it was the candlelight – but my dick got rock hard in 2.2 seconds flat. Little Miss Silent now had a lot to say and she wasn’t slowing down.

“You need guidance, the kind a woman brings. You need to hand over your mind to a woman smarter than you. And you do not even know it yet. I will take you against your will and against your rational mind”. She murmured seductively.

These words were left hanging in the air. I started to think those 3 beers hit me harder than originally thought. What the fuck was she talking about? She sat there with her silver charm necklace between her fingers, and I noticed for the first time it was a pentacle. A glistening star with a circle around it that is a religious symbol to witches!

She lifted the candle from the coffee table and held it between her face and mine. She started talking… or maybe it was more like chanting. They were inaudible words to me, but had a rhythm to them. I looked around the room and suddenly noticed the rest of the candles encircled us and I could feel the pressure from them whirling around and around. My head got heavy which felt like a major drunk buzz, and I had to close my eyes. I felt so heavy so I rested my head on the back of the couch.

Everything went black but I felt like I was falling and I could hear her talking though the words were still not clear. Her voice started to get louder and faster, her tone was steady, and suddenly I felt euphoric. It was like I had fallen into a spider’s web, I felt out of control and captured.

My whole body felt like someone was rubbing soft cotton on me. I felt like I was naked and that I could not move. I could still think and felt somewhat aware of what was going on. I wondered if she had drugged my drink… until I heard what she said.

“You are mine now Davey, you are going to be my new pet. I’ll use you and keep you to serve my whims. When I am through with you then you will be discarded in the street. I’ll break your little heart and I won’t care for a minute. As long as you are my property then you will obey every command. You will remain under my spell until I choose to release you “.

Her spell? Holly shit is this witch magic stuff for real I wondered, but I didn’t say it out loud.

“Yes Davey, I now know your every thought now because I opened you up to my power. You are in a realm between the worlds with me and you were brought here to serve my pleasures. Yours mean nothing to me, and I will forever keep you in orgasmic torment. I am giving you a wonderful gift, the gift of pleasing me”.

She was in my head. I know it. I felt it. I tried to fight it, I really did. But ultimately she was right, I got pleasure from pleasing her. I can remember her commanding me to eat her out.

I think my eyes were closed but somehow I could also see. I watched her remove that tight dress and strip down to nothing. She laid down on the couch and left one foot flat on the floor while she tossed the other over the back. Her pussy lips split apart and exposed a soft juicy flower to me. My desire to lick it was immense but I couldn’t move. I think I was licking my lips. She said the words, “eat me”, that I know for sure, and I leaned forward.

When the tip pf my tongue touched her clit it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. She tasted delicious and I slid my tongue right inside her. She smelled fantastic I thought, as I began to wiggle my tongue around those pussy folds. She had the biggest clit I ever saw and it was poking out hard so I flicked my tongue over it. I could hear instructions from her about where to go and how to continue, but I know she wasn’t speaking. I lapped up her cream faster and faster. I slid my fingers into her moist hole gently pumping it while listening to the sweet mucus sticky sound. I could feel her cunt butter all over my chin.

I used my entire mouth to cover her pussy, and lots of saliva to make it so wet. I would do it all day if that were what it took. I tongue fucked her. I licked her deeply and I felt her cum on my face. She started to quiver and squirm while pushing into my face. She throbbed a long time and it felt like spasms. I felt warm liquid oozing out of her, down my chin and neck. She was totally right…. it was a gift.

She got up pretty quickly and turned over onto her stomach. She let me know I wasn’t finished when she pulled her ass cheeks open and showed me her pink eye. I didn’t need to be told what to do; I was a man on a mission.

I fell forward and felt my tongue wiggle against her crinkled butt hole. It was soft, musty, and tight. I licked it in circles around and around shinning it up with spit. I felt her push and it opened like a tiny little ring. There is no going back now, I shoved my tongue deep into her asshole. I licked inside. I worshipped her ass with my tongue. It was so intense to eat her like that.

I tongued her asshole for what seemed like hours, wonderful amazing hours. When she became satisfied with my work, she made me return to her pussy. I ate her out again – her honey dripping much more fiercely now on me. I dove into my new job like a devoted pervert. I wanted to please her forever. I wanted to thank her for my gift.

She allowed me to suck her hard nipples and use a vibrator on her pussy. I got to hold it and watch the exquisite expressions on her sexy face as she came repeatedly from a machine rather than me. She told me to show me what a good cocksucker I was and to lick it clean. I did it without question.

It was heaven, pure heaven to service her in whatever way she desired. Never once did she grace me with a hand job or a blowjob. Sex with her was forbidden. Never once did she return the orgasm. I should feel cheated but I don’t.

When I came out of the magical haze I was outside her building fully dressed. I still had the taste of her pussy on my breath. I saw her looking out the window at me for a minute and then closing the blinds like an ice princess. She forever shut me out and left her mark on me. I felt drained and empty inside… loneliness and desire for her like I’ve never known before. It’s been 4 weeks now and I am unable to even jerk off anymore because all I do is think about her. She wants me this way… pining like a pathetic loser after her. And I do, I sometimes hang around her building just hoping she will take pity on me and give me a crumb. She never does, though she does smile brightly as she passes me with her latest victim. I’m not the only loser there on false hope; there are many others like me now. We’re all terrified and entranced…. Captured and enslaved…. Forever under her spell, just lost sexually frustrated souls wandering the earth.


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