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Tease and Denial

In High School, I was rebellious, trampy, and wild, yet not really slutty. However, because I LOOKED it – guys thought they could get “it” from me. But I was a prick tease and I got off more leaving them with blue balls. I choose who I fucked – and it was always on MY terms. When I was 18 I met a man much older than me and lived with him. He was professional, smart, demanding, and a very powerful personality… until I stripped his ass naked and cock teased him with no mercy. Funny how even the strongest man can be controlled through his dick. Once I learned how to exploit it – I owned him and his orgasms. He hated it, he fought against me, but I made him wait for 3 months before I allowed him to cum. I taught him to beg, to plead, and to shower me in devotion to get a release. And then I only gave him that release when I felt like it. I like confusing him – making him wonder if he could figure out a way to bargain with me to cum. And when he THOUGHT he knew how to get it, I changed the damn rules on him. Men are far more helpless than they wish to admit, which is why an intelligent girl can have some serious fun.